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Working with Principal Grable and Indian Trail teachers and staff, the PTO supports programs to enhance students’ education across a wide variety of areas. We thank you for your support of our fundraisers!


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since 06/22/2012

Indian Trail PTO Executive Board

PTO Executive Board Members

President(s): Jenny Butler and Stacey Kolthammer

VP(s): Julie Schneiderman, Caroline Johnson

 Dorota Wandycz, Jamie Strait Muller

Media and Technology Officer(s): Jennifer Freeman, Melissa Carter, Matt Strait

Recording Secretaries: Heidi Sachs and Anne Mucha

Treasurer: Cliff Lissner and Julie Walter

General Officers: Elizabeth Kubicki, Shannon Johnson, Suzanne Alexander, Margaux Sayer, Heather Dainas, Carol Ring





























































































  Jenny Butler, Co-President

  Stacey Kolthammer, Co-President

  Jamie Strait, VP

  Caroline Johnson, VP

  Dorota Wandycz, VP

  Julie Schneiderman, VP

  Heidi Sachs, Secretary

  Anne Mucha, Secretary

  Julie Walter, Treasurer

  Cliff Lissner, Treasurer

  Jennifer Freeman, Technology Officer

  Matt Strait, Technology Officer

  Melissa Carter, Technology Officer

  Elizabeth Kubicki, General Officer

  Shannon Johnson, General Officer

  Heather Dainas, General Officer

  Margaux Sayer, General Officer

  Suzanne Alexander, General Officer
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